weekends end

it’s now sunday night and I’m just about ready to go to bed.

friday night we ( tom, me, ro, sarah and josh ) sat down to eat pizza and watch the bbc adaptation of gormenghast which had arrived on dvd a few days before – it was pretty good – I double checked ( not having read the books for a while ) it only covers the first two books ( “titus groan” and “gormenghast”) so I guess that leaves the last one ( “titus alone” ) to go. The sets were amazing and some of the characters very funny ( well done bbc ) it did see to go a bit flat at the end though.

saturday was a sort of birthday continuation – a few old friends came to stay on saturday night. we went to the “family house” an excellent chinese restaurant down the road from us in totton. we had another massive and reasonably cheap meal before walking home. janie, justin, anette, roger, maria and I ) all decided that a walk in the new forest was in order so we drove to long down which is fairly close to our house. it was a really nice walk – it was warm and summery – we ran around throwing pine cones at each other – we really ought to do it more often. justin sees to know quite a lot about nature stuff – and wanders around doing david bellamy impersonations. he found carivorous plants a night jar and a butterfly which is apparently quite rare. the new forest is a great place at this this time of year – very green and foals everywhere – I would recomend it to anyone.

I’ve noticed something strange about cats – in the same way that humans get “red eye” during flash photography cats get “blue eye”. whats all that about ?

also, due to tom-pressure there is now an rdf version of the diary here and of the jokes here.

good night all.

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