an uneventful day

today really has been a day when nothing much happened – this morning I investigated an article on slashdot claiming that xmps now supports the DivX 😉 codec. having tried it I have to concede that it actually does work ! ok – the playback was jumpy and had some odd artifacts but hey – this is the first release of xmps with this support in. it actually uses the divx windows dll as a pluging – I presume the idea is that this will be the way that support for other windows codecs will be introduced in the future.

paul came in mid afternoon ( which according to him is late morning ). he is designing the msi site using publicizr and needed to come in to syncronize his ms sql server 7 database with ours. this turned out to be another microsoft disaster. after spending then end of last week reworking parts of publicizr to work with sql server as well as mysql we then tried it on another machine and it totally refuses to work. for some reason merely adding $dbh->{LongReadLen} = [a number]; before an sql select statement works on one server, but the other also requires an additional $dbh->{LongTruncOk} = 1; nothing like consistency.

tom gave me a lift home ( janies had a half day and had already taken my car ). he wanted to see the kittens and decided he would make jane and I tea – so we came back via safeways. he agreed that they were incredibly cute and ickle before cooking and excellent sweet and sour chicken tonight thingy which we ate while watching voyager.

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