the start of a new era v2.0BETA

well – it’s a long time since I’ve written anything here. I just never seem to get around to it – also the old version of publicizr was a pain in the arse to publish stuff with.

in steps publicizr v2. I have now moved the whole site over to the new software and all seems well – there isn’t anything different but I still need to fix some stuff(search, RDF/WML scripts).

the one thing I have noticed is how painfully slow this machine is (P200 MX/128Mb). I have an SGI Indigo 2 sitting under by desk at home – I’ve no idea wether it’ll be any faster but as soon as I can get MIPS linux running on it I may try it out (as a last resort I could always stick with IRIX).

we are off to Singapore again (for the last time *sniff*) on wednesday – so I’m fairly excited. steve is flying out to join us during the last week – it should be fun.

I will try to keep a holiday diary whilst I am away – but as with all good intentions that’ll probably fall at the wayside after the first day or so.

this years f1 season has been a bit dire (schumacher m has already won) although it’s been nice to see williams so strong. mclaren seem to have had appalling reliability and hakkinen has not really been on form. Eddie Irvine thinks that he should leave mclaren and drive for a different team – I’m inclined to agree with him – I think he’s been in the same place too long.

anyway – I must go and poke a few more scripts into place before I declare this thing “done”.


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