new arrivals

well – a hectic day – I spent most of the morning and some of the afternoon capturing and real video encoding an interview for work. it turned out all right in the end for a first attempt. I’ve got the original avi’s in case I need to re-encode it. the msi database was a little bit broken – when moving the contents over from mysql to microsoft sql server I forgot to make my unique id key field either a key or unique – that broke it a bit !!. every time I seem to touch sql server it breaks horribly – I really wish we could just do everything in mysql. anyway I fixed it with lots of help from ro( who has decided not to buy a new car ).

we got to pick up the kittens today – woohoo ! – after work janie and I went on a massive cat shop for kitty bits – and then picked them up. they seem to have settled into their new house reasonably well. we have decided to call the ginger boy “greebo” after nanny oggs cat and the tabby female “tabitha” ( very original ). greebo seems to have diarrhoea which is a bit messy, but apart from that they got a clean bill of health when they visited the vet. you can see tabitha here, here , here and here – grebo here – and both of them together here.

after the cats had arrived and settled down steve, sarah, mark and ro came over to oggle the new arrivals. everyone agreed that they are terribly cute and spent ages playing with them. martin ( my brother in law ) also popped in – he was returning our car that he and my sister had borrowed during their visit from singapore – I dropped him at southampton station – and agreed that we would go back over to singapore again soon.

when I got back we all ( except mark who as always had already had tea – and sarah ) had a chinese take away and watched tv. everyone has now gone home and we have settled the cats down for the night in the kitchen – I’m nervously listening for the pitifull sounds of miaowing from downstairs. so far all has been silent.

good night all ( I hope )

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