I’ve accumulated a big pile cds/dvds from the front of the various games magasines I’ve been reading in my sick bed during the week. although I still have a pretty heavy cold I’ve managed to make it as far as my study to stick a few of them in my computer.

dvd from the front of pc zone:

halo: combat evolved

I’ve already finished this game on the x-box and it is very cool. although on the pc the graphics are more detailed and it’s a relief to be able to play with a mouse rather than a controller it somehow doesn’t quite seem right – despite turning all the video setting to maximum I all the textures just seem a bit blurry from a distance. maybe it’s a sign I should get a new graphics card.

pro evolution soccer 3

couldn’t even bring myself to bother installing it.


I was almost imediately annoyed by my sidekick – sister celeste – who seemed to exercise no caution at all when going into battle. she’d disappear into the distance, sword waving and be fairly knackered by the time I got there. what is more stupid is that she would then fail to pick up any of the plentiful health packs lying around to heal herself. the in game graphics are quite pretty but I think enough wars have been fought over religion, I’d prefer to fight about something more realistic . . . like alien invasion !

chicago 1930

this game appears to bascially be syndicate the only differences being it’s set in 1930 and its crap.

silent hill 3
wouldn’t run as it apparently needs a video card with programmable vertex/pixel shader support. I really really need a new graphics card !


this was an online demo and I really couldn’t be bothered to find a server and play online so all I could do was start my own server and wander round like billy no-mates looking at the pictures on the walls. the game is a cell shaded fps and looks pretty good. I can’t really say any more than that due to the total lack of anything to go on. I would however be nice if stuff like sheets of glass, computers, plant pots, etc. broke when you shot them.

fifa 2004

ffffttt – football again. no thanks.

. . . . . . . . .

time passes

. . . . . . . . .

ok – so I got distracted for about 8 hours and went and bought hitman 2 for the x-box so I’ve been playing that instead – I’ll let you know how it goes.

but for now – bed.

4 thoughts on “pile-o-cds

  1. 1. your chicago 1930 comment really made me laugh.
    2. there is a single-player demo of XIII, but that’s hardly any less boring than you’ve already described.

  2. yeah – I’ve noticed that side 2 of the dvd has the single player version of XIII – maybe I’ll try it and be amazed by it’s comic book action !

    I also discovered a demo of homeworld 2 on the second side of the disk – quite similar to homeworld 1 but that’s ok – as I really liked homeworld. I think I may just buy it.

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