a long weekend

we’ve had a nice long break from work it being the jubilee weekend and all. I’ve done quite a lot as well. friday was sam (strudel) strovers last day at izr so we went to the pub after work for the obligatory drink (or two). josh and tom joined us and afterwards we went for a curry at the gandhi and then back to ours to watch some tv.

despite originally planning otherwise tom stayed the night and the next day we went geocaching. we found pine needles, viaduct view and senses before calling it a day due to extreme tiredness. convieniently, parking for the last geocache was at sainsburys in winchester so we bought ingredients there, went home and cooked lasange. again tom accidentally didn’t go home.

sunday was to be another geocaching day – this time in the portsmouth area. going via john and danielles house (to collect them) we first found hello sailor then (after a long and contorted car drive) sliding down butser hill and finally the kench before heading back for john and danielles for a barbequeue.

monday was jubilee day – not that we did anything royal. instead john and danielle came over and we went garden center shopping. they (j & d) bought lots of plants and I spotted the fish tank I’d like for my birthday (rio 240).

we popped into b & q on the way back and bought a lawnmower and a hedge trimmer as our garden is starting to look a bit overgrown. once we got them home, assembled the lawnmower and called steve cole to bring petrol around, a burst of garden activity ensued leaving it looking much tidier. finally we felt the need to pop down to the gandhi for a curry.