birthday boy

ok – now is thursday

it was my birthday on tuesday – I am now the ripe old age of 32. I woke up in the morning to presents and cards, cds, a book about mclaren, a t shirt, aftershave, a parmesan cheese grating set and a photo of the kittens ( from them ). work was another “fixing msi” day ( I seem to be having a lot of those lately ) – janie bought a birthday cake for work the night before which we duly ate in the afternoon and then the enevitable 4th wave present session. this involves everyone in the building gathering around the central area of the office whilst the victim (me) is presented with the presents. I’m making it sound like an ordeal when it isn’t, it’s nice that eveyone clubs together when it’s someones bithday and gets them a little something – it is actually the first year during my three and a bit years at 4th wave then I’ve actually been at work on my birthday – I was given a collection of south park glasses, 4 mini bottles of gin, a cuddly cartman and a cuddly pig.

in the evening we went to the mill arms for dinks and a meal – thanks craig and anna for treating me, janie for organising everyone and everone else for turning up.

that was the tuesday that was.

yesterday I went for a company curry for the first time in a while. for years we have worked late on wednesday nights and the company have treated us to a curry at the end of the evening. recently I’ve been enjoying it less and less – what did seem like a group of friends from work around a table eating and drinking has turned into an ordeal in a really hot smokey restaurant eating food that I really don’t enjoy anymore. however – as I said – last night I went for a curry and really enjoyed it. despite marks novel suicide attempt which resulted in me and my curry being soaked in lemonade ( I forgive you mark ), I had a most enjoyable curry – the restaurant door being propped open also helped. I think that maybe a curry every two to three weeks is a happy medium.

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