schumacher sucks


I’ve spent yesterday afternoon and some of today re-installing windows 98 on my home computer *again*. this time I chose the 98 – second edition flavour. my old installation seemed to have taken to spending long periods of time doing nothing – this seemed to be an explorer related thing as applications ran fine – it was only when doing something like starting up windows, browsing drives/folders in “my computer” or, god forbid, opening a file that it sat there doing nothing for about a minute before continuing as if nothing had happened.

what really gets my goat about windows / microsoft / windows software in general is not really its badness ( although some of it *is* bad !! ), I have to say that in general windows is probably no more or less stable that gnu/linux/open source software ( here I am talking about desktop applications not server stuff ). what really really gets my goat is that when it all goes wrong – which in the end it always does – there is absolutely no bloody thing to tell you why it failed. no useful log files, no meaningfull error messages reported to a console it just breaks which means all you can do is re-install. as an example – the other day I tried to open a file in realplayer and it popped up an error message dialog that said “error: a general error has occured” – I mean . . .

the last couple of mornings we have gotten up early and tiptoed downstairs to find out what chaos the kittens have wrought in our kitchen. so far they’ve been pretty good and been as cute and endearing as we could have hoped for. tomorrow is the first day ( being monday ) that we will leave them on their own during the day so we wait to see what they will make of that. I took some more pictures of them today – you can find the best ones here, here, here, here and here

we actually got around to doing some gardening today – we can now actually get along the path around the side of our house without the aid of a machette and there is considerably less ivy growing up around the windows. our lawn is still getting longer – I’m not sure that the electric cylinder mower that steves parents lent/gave us is really up to the job.

the canadian grand prix was most disappointing – by this I mean that bloody michael schumacher won again. I’m really beginning to think that he may win this years championship. what annoys me most about him is that I know he is probably the best driver currently in formula one and he knows it too. it still doesn’t mean I have to like him !! mika – try harder . . .

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