thag you very buch – but my nose isn’t broken

well, despite my promises to myself that I’ll write a diary entry every day – well – at least one a week – maybe one a month, I seem to have let the whole thing go by the wayside. ah well – I guess I’m just lazier than I thought.

I woke up this morning and found my cold (which I’ve had for a few days) was so bad that I almost didn’t go to work. never the less I forced myself out of bed and drunk a lemsip and felt considerably better. I wonder how many people never make it out of bed every day to discover that colds always feel worse when they’re lying down. must be a pressure thing.

it’s now gone 4:00pm and mark and steve have deserted me so I’ve taken the opportunity to write this entry – it fills in the gap between 4:00pm and 5:00 when I have to leave to take the cats to the vets for their annual jabs.

the months of coporate slide from 4th wave to izr solutions is now reaching its climax with the staff moving from romsey to our new office in totton tomorrow (steve, mark and I are excluded from this as we moved some time ago) followed by “the big change over” in a few weeks.

“the big change over” is our change of uplink providers from psi net (via a 2Mbit line to romsey) to a multihomed setup in telehouse involving more bandwidth than you can shake a stick at from carrier1 and bandx. mark is truly going to be in cisco heaven making that lot work – and we’re going to have a very busy weekend.

well – it’s now 4:30 – so I better finish off what’s left today before I go home.