we’re all going on a summer holiday

it’s been a long long long time since I’ve written a diary entry – I just haven’t been able to think of anything to say – so I didn’t bother (I’m not sure that I have how).

I have moved minus-9 onto a new server and it is now being delivered to to by the power of mod_perl which seems to speed things up a bit although I am still discovering bugs.

janie and I have at last booked some plane tickets to singapore. we are off on 11th october for two and a half weeks, one week of which we are spending on redang at the coral redang resort – so I am anticipating a week of snorkeling. I need to find some form of camera I can use underwater. All in all I am looking forwards to a couple of weeks away as we haven’t had a holiday since last december.

I still haven’t heard back from pizza hut so much for their customer support !

the formula 1 season is shaping up nicely with mika in the lead by 2 points and 3 races to go. this week end is the indianapolis race – the first one for some time – it should be interesting to see how a f1 car behaves on a banked corner !

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