whatever you do – avoid pizza hut !

well – it’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve written a diary entry – not much has happened so there you are . . . .

the kittens are developing in lots of strange ways. they have an odd shoe fixation – and like sleeping anywhere. the plants in our house seem to be falling victim to strange attacks and I seem to be very comfortable to sit on when I am using my computer.

I’ve make a number of changes to minus-9 in the last couple of weeks. there is a rdf version of my diary and also, for those with WAP enabled phones, a wml version. I also added a basic search tool which I hope to improve in the future. you can also see that stats for this site here.

today was the austrian grand prix – and I have to admit I was pretty pleased with the outcome – mika hakkinen seems back to his old form after his weeks holiday and the mclarens seem to be gaining the edge on the ferraris at the current point in the season. I have to conceed that michael schumacher being taken out on the first corner by zonta did bring a smile to my face – well done mika.

we (steve, janie and I) attempted to go to the “pizza hut” tonight but the reception resulted in this message to pizza hut:

My partner and I tried to Visit Pizza Hut Tonight 7:00pm at:
21 Hanover Buildings
Southampton Hants England

The restaurant was chaos – it was half empty but with all the empty tables uncleared. There was a family before us who were told what “wasn’t” on the menu before they were seated and then we were told that there would be a 40-50 minute wait if we wanted a meal. We declined and went to the “Bella Pasta” next door and had an excellent meal. Shortly after we were seated in the “Bella Pasta” that family before us in the “Pizza Hut” queue came in and ate there too.

as far as I can see there were far too few staff in the “Pizza Hut” to deal with the customers.

Mat Withers

well – it’s sunday night and 11:15 – so I’m off to bed.

late addition:

arrrghhh – Hakkinen’s win under investigation well – I hope all proves to be ok – I can’t believe that mclaren would be stupid enough to tamper with official seals so hopefully “wear and tear” will be proven to be the cause of this incident.

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hot air

the region 1 dvds I ordered from amazon have turned up. ( the highlander, the hitcher, angel heart, robin hood, prince of thieves and brazil). highlander is a really poor quality transfer – and robin hood is a flipper but the rest seem fine.

on friday we ( janie, tom, vanessa and I ) decided to do the whole balloon night glow thing. as it started later – requiring darkness – we went to the “family house” chinese restaurant in totton ( again ) and had another excellent meal that involved crispy aromatic duck. the balloons were on southampton common – we had to pay an enourmous amount of money to park and then walk ( much to toms horror ) to the takeoff area. the night burn/glow thing was done to music – a selection from 2001 to startrek voyager – there did seem to be an overall theme. there was also a whole smokey light show thing going on – it was pretty impressive ( pictures: 1, 2, 3 ,4 ,5 ,6 ,7 )

this weekend was the french grand prix. the qualifying on saturday left me pretty depressed (1: schumacher, 2: coulthard, 3: barrichello, 4: hakkinen) so I sat down for the race on sunday with a sinking heart. but what a great race – the mclarens obviously had the legs on the ferraris and despite schumacher and barrichello having the better start, coulthard was soon attacking the back of schumachers car. he first attempted to go round the outside of schumachers ferrari on the adelaide hairpin – schumacher blocked him and coulthard actually gave him the finger whist taking evasive action. I couldn’t help feeling that instead of gesturing at him it would have been funnier if coulthard had reached into his cockpit and pulled out a sign on a wooden stick with “you suck !” on it and waved it at the german. anyway on the second attempt he succeeded and went on to win the race ( schumachers car broke down before the end ) the final result being ( 1: coulthard, 2: hakkinen, 3: barrichello ) a result I was pretty happy with despite mika only coming second. ( if you are really interested and missed the race a lap by lap report can be found here )

the real depressing thing is that this time last year we were on the malaysian tropical island of sibu at the rimba resort. the guy who runs the place actually dragged his tv and satellite receiver into the bar so we could watch the fench grand prix – oh well – back to work tomorrow.

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