watch out for snakes !

we watched two more mystery science theatre 3000 dvds last night. the one we watched the day before was the movie so I wasn’t prepared for the extreme tackiness of the sets in the tv series. even so I thought that they (“the brain that wouldn’t die” and “eegah” ) were even funnier ( than the movie ). tom – hurry up and buy some more episodes !!

whilst looking at the dvds in blockbuster tonight I saw that they had a copy of fight club out for rental – I noticed that the dvd had “for rental only” stamped on it – which is interesting as up to now I have only seen dvds for rent that are actually available to buy.

today was reasonably successful. I have finished the documentation for msi. contacted psi domain regarding the extremely cheap rack mount servers they were telling me about at “linux expo 2000” and best of all – I got the FIAT back – hurrah ! we have now dropped the daewoo off at martins ( the owner – well as much as you can be the owner of a company car ) house – and thats that. the FIAT is much better than it was – it’s so nice to drive it without the gearbox drowning out the noise of the engine and road.

ro sounds like he may be getting a new car. it started off as a masda mx5 and now looks like it may be mk 1 toyota mr2 – who knows what it may be tomorrow – still – exciting stuff – another one to add to his collection – I look forward to him giving me a ride in it !

this evening has been pretty quiet – we have eaten our usual thurday night pizza, but we are without our usual thursday night tv. the current seasons of “friends”and “er” have finished on sky one and have not been replaced with anything worth warching. so janie has gone to bed early and I am arsing around on my computer – I may even get some more work done on “stuff I own”.

well – tomorrow is friday – so we’ll finally get to know whether we can pick up the kittens or whether we have to wait another week – I spoke to the lady at the animal rescue center yesterday and she wasn’t sure that they would be ready(?). they went to the vets yesterday and were given a clean bill of health and were wormed, jabbed and various other stuff. apparently the ginger boy “has a sore bottom” so she is bathing it with baby oil.

this weekend is also a grand prix weekend – the canadian in fact. good luck mika (hakkinen) don’t let schumacher (michael) win again and watch out for david coulthard. I wish that they ( itv f1 ) were showing qualifying live rather than at eleven o’clock at night – but no.

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