off to singapore

well – I’m pretty tired – but we’ve arrived in singapore safely.

we flew with singapore airlines who I recon probably are better than most other airlines. the food is still bad and the seats are still cramped but I guess that is common to any long haul economy class flight. however the flight attendants are friendly, the drinks are free and they do give you snack boxes on demand with filled rolls and chocky bars in.

I always find it impossible to sleep for periods any longer than about 10 minutes in airline seats so today I am pretty tired.

our flight took off yesterday (wednesday) at 10:15pm uk time and arrived in singapore at 6:10pm sinagpore time. thats about a 13 hour flight if you allow for the 7 hour time difference. it seemed to pass more quickly than other trips. I guess this is a blessing – although I always look forward to flying and get excited before the flight as soon as we take off I realise how cramped and unpleasant planes really are.

the first thing I always think about when visiting singapore is stepping out of the airconditioned airport into the sinapore heat. it’s usually about 32°C which is not the hottest place in the world but combine that with high humidity and it is like walking into a sauna.

well – thats it for today – hopefully I’ll write another entry tomorrow

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