the flu

well, it’s been quite a while since I wrote a diary entry – 17 months to be exact (how lazy is that). quite a lot’s happened in that time, the main things being getting married to janie and becoming a father to be. all in all it’s been quite an exciting year – although the culmination (the birth) doesn’t happen till january.

I’ve been in bed ill since tuesday night with the flu. I’m feeling a little better now so decided to put my spare time to good use and actually write an entry.

I bought max payne last weekend for my x-box. although it’s quite an old game now I was pretty impressed – a really good story line and a really “dark” feel to it. “bullet time” is really neat too ! needless to say I finished it after a couple of days – but thats ok, max payne 2 is out now so the only decision I have to make is wether to buy it for my pc or x-box.

I feel quite pleased that the article I wrote about installing debian with an adaptec hostraid controller has so far led two other people to contact me. when I wrote the article I guess I didn’t really think that anyone would read it – I guess I have google to thank for that.

steve cole is on holiday in florida at the moment leaving roland and I (infact mainly roland as I’ve been off work sick) to cope with the dizzy world of technical support on our own. before he went he manged to install moveable type so you can keep up with his holiday antics online.

tom and I have been gradually watching seasons of babylon 5 and farscape. I’ve been a long time fan of babylon 5 but have never actually watched *all* the episodes in order – we’ve just finished season 3 but unfortunately season 4 isn’t due out untill january – bit of a wait !. I only watched farscape for the first time this year, I have to admit I’m hooked – it’s great – not really like any other scifi show I’ve seen. I was quite pleased to be rated as a “manic academic farscape fanatic” on the farscape purity test at

well – it looks like janie may well be coming down with my flu, so I guess I better look after her and start cooking tea.