car trouble and cat sick

ok – so the fiat has broken again. this time the problem is of an electrical nature – a fuse (which the manual claims doesn’t exist) keeps blowing every quarter of an hour or so causing the engine to stop running. further diagnosis indicates that this may be the fuse for the fuel pump – why it keeps blowing is a mystery to me though. further investigation is called for this weekend.

today is steves birthday. happy birthday steve ! a number of events have been arranged for the occasion – and I’m sure that steve has already let you know what they are.

I am absolutely knackered – and I’ll tell you why – bloody cats.

on wednesday night I had to go and rescue that kittens from the kitchen (where they sleep). we left the dishwasher on – and they obviously didn’t like it – so decided to mew loudly and pathetically next to the kitchen door till I came and got them. I took them up to our bedroom where they ran around fighting and making lots of noise until I got fed up with them. the dishwasher had stopped by this time so I took them back down stairs and shut them in the kitchen. this was 2:30am.

then last night greebo decided he was going to be ill. not just “throw up once, then feel much better and pretend it never happened” ill – real “I’m at deaths door and I won’t be here tomorrow so you’d better look after me” ill. so we both, a bit worried, stayed up watching him – he would throw up every half an hour and then sit there really subdued looking as though he was slipping in and out of conciousness. we decided to take them up to the spare room and sleep there (we have a futon which is low to the ground). this involved the whole “carry the litter tray, toys, food, water and everything else upstairs” after which I fell asleep ( janie was playing on her computer ) and woke up a bit later to find greebo stretched out at full length on the duvet, purring and looking like the most contented cat in the world. he then got up, started fighting with his sister and making lots of noise until I got fed up with them both. so we shut them back in the kitchen and went to sleep in our own room. this was 2:15am.

bloody cats !

this weekend is the southampton balloon festival – janie, who loves hot air balloons, has arranged 75 different visits to see stuff. tonight there , apparently, is a “night glow” which involves the balloon being tethered and firing their “takey offy things” all at once in the dark. I’ll take photo’s and post them later !.

well – I’m going to do some real work (yeah right!)

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