come off it mr dent, you can’t lie in front of that tow truck indefinitely

I felt pretty knackered this morning when I woke up. tom cooked for us ( mark, janie steve and I) and then we tried out the newly aquired muliregion dvd player. we watched being john malkovitch, then mark and steve left and tom forced me to watch mystery science theatre 3000. mst3k was funny – I really enjoyed it. we didn’t get to bed till about 1 am.

this morning we had another comedy car parking situation. at work we have a serious lack of car parking space and so we often have the clamper around trying to imobilise our company cars. well, normally we manage to shuffle our cars around before things get serious – but this time he (the clamper) got one of our directors cars before he (the director) could move it. well – much swearing insued followed by a futile attempt to move a clamped car – followed by more swearing. eventually the police (called by the clamper) turned up. after a long discussion between all parties the fine was payed to have the clamp removed and everyone went home. I’m sure there is a moral to be learned from all this but I’m buggered if I can see it.

I spent some of the afternoon in our bournemouth office giving a talk to three new salesman about servers, the internet and things with molecular structures. they all seemed really nice and I hope they are happy working with us. (it has to be noted that they are still salesmen !!)

well – hopefully the FIAT will be ready tomorrow – hurrah for those valiant men at the FIAT garage in winchester. we have an extention on the loan of the daewoo till tomorrow which is handy – thankyou martin.

tonight I have to ring up to find out whether we get the kittens on friday or wait another week. they were visiting the vet for a checkup today so I hope it went well.

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