catscans here we come !

for a while we ( janie and I ) have been meaning to buy a cat/cats. encouraged strongly by steve and tom we actually got around to doing something about it yesterday. picking steve up ( tom doesn’t do weekends ) we visited the blue cross animal rescue centre at hedge end – only to discover that they were having a major part of their cattery rebuilt over the summer and so were missing out “kitten season” this year. they did however provide us with a list of other local animal rescue centers to try. the first one we tried had two pairs of kittens and so we went around to have a look. this particular rescue center consisted of a really nice middle aged lady and her back garden full of cat accomodation. the kittens were great – there were two brother/sister pairs a black girl / tabby boy and a tabby girl / ginger boy. after many cries of “oh – they’re sooo cute” we decided on tabby girl / ginger boy. the lady running the center reckonned that the cats were only seven weeks old ( aparently their blue eyes change colour at eight to nine weeks ) and she would rather wait until they were eight weeks before we had them so we paid a deposit and now have to wait until next weekend before the new members of our family arrive.

today (sunday) we’ve had another food consuming day. my sister, sarah, and her husband, martin, ( currently on holiday in the uk from singapore ) were meant to be popping in before lunch and our friends john and danielle were also coming over. sarah rang at about 10am to say that they couldn’t make it, john and danielle however turned up on time for a pub lunch. we went to the “white hart” in cadnam – the food was amazing and the beer ( flowers original ) was pretty good too. I am always surprised how much beer can vary from pub to pub. yesterday we ( jane, steve and I ) went on a bit of a pub afternoon after our cat aquisition antics. the first place we went was a pub called “the bear and ragged staff” we originally were going to eat there but the pints of gales HSB we were served was so bad I had a job to finish mine. we decided not to eat there but rather to pop up the road to the “mill arms” currently one of my favourite pubs. they normally serve excellent beer and yesterday was no exception, they had however finished serving food. so after a quick pint ( mottisfont meddler ) we decided to try the “star” at east tytherley. they also had stopped serving food so we eventually arrived at “the old farmhouse” in totton ( where we live ) as they serve food all day. we had more HSB here and although the beer didn’t taste sour like the HSB from earlier – it did taste decidedly watery. anyway – I’ll stop talking about beer now because it is sad.

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waiting for the FIAT

OK – my company Fiat is in the garage broken, This irritates me doubly as a) I like driving it and b) I have been lent a Daewoo in its place (it’s not that I’m ungrateful – it’s just that it is a really horrible car to drive).

I’ve realised that the great thing about this diary is I can keep adding to an entry as the day goes on – I’ll seperate each bit with a horizontal rule.

Currently it is 9:36am – We (our office) are waiting for tom to turn up with our Macdonalds breakfast items. I have to finish off the MSI site today as this is our last last really and absolutely last – we really are serious this time guys – last date to finish it by – comedy as Ro would say.

ok. I have now tidied up the “look” a lot by removing any style definitions I could find from the html/itf source.

I have now added a jokes section to the site. I can’t guarantee how good/bad they are but you can find them here

well, today hasn’t been so bad so far. tom turned up with breakfast, I’ve more or less kicked into a more decent shape, I’ve finished my stuff on the MSI site. I am still driving a daewoo though !

it’s also friday – thank god – this has been another week that seemed to take ages to pass. all I have to do now is think of something to do this weekend.

some guy posted new screenshots of nautilus on the gnome mailing list today – it’s starting to look good – still don’t now when it’ll actually be worth using though.

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the start of a new era

dear diary . . . .

the diary starts here . . long live the diary

ok so all the fonts are crap – I haven’t a good header image – and the content sucks – but apart from that it is great. I guess it also shows that publicizr sort of works althought I have found a number of annoying bugs already ( mental note – don’t tell peter)

any comments mail

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